We May be Small, But We Get Things Done

     Well, St. Christopher’s finally got to meet our new bishop, the Right Reverend Michael Hunn. For me, it was all good. I hope all who were at church on Sunday feel the same. His message to us was both simple and powerful. As followers of Jesus Christ and members of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, we have certain responsibilities to ourselves, our church, our community, and our world. As Jesus was THE prophet, THE high priest, and THE king or sovereign, we also must be prophetic, priestly, and sovereign.

     A prophet speaks God’s truth, especially when that truth is not known, poorly understood, being abused or completely ignored. Sometimes that is not an easy thing to do when one must address family, friends, colleagues, bosses, or authorities. If we are serious about our faith and our love of God and neighbor, then we must act as prophets.

     Why do we have to be priestly? Don’t we have a priest? That’s one priest doing a job that cannot be done by just one person. We are a priestly people. We come to know God, live by his rules, and help others to do the same. We do this at home, at school, on the job, in the store, on the road – everywhere. We are God’s representatives. We are part of the Body of Christ. We do our part to keep that body healthy and growing by loving our neighbor as God has loved us.

     Bishop Hunn reminded us that Americans turned away from our English king over 200 hundred years ago. We don’t like kings. But we are sovereigns in our own right. We have responsibility and authority in our world, given to us by God. We are stewards of this island Earth. We are to care for it and all that belong to it. If we trash it, we have failed in our sovereign responsibility, and we lose.

     We have responsibilities. We also (thankfully) have God on our side. The Father who created us has given us a wonderful world. The Son has, through his life and death for us, shown us exactly how we are to live in love. And the Spirit helps us understand all that God has given us and wants for us and gives us the strength and energy to go about God’s work, our work.

     As a church we are small, few in number (though looking to grow). However, we are part of something bigger – that village that raises children (and adults), the Body of Christ. We are God’s grace for others. Knowing it, believing it, that’s how we get things done. That’s why we can do even more.



St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Beverly A. Tasy