St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Beverly A. Tasy


                                                                                                          Movin’ On

Well, Spring has been officially here for a while now that people have begun watering and mowing their lawns, firing up the grill, and wandering the golf links. For so many of us, Spring means baseball games, national track championships, barbecues, and travel. It is a time to plan vacations, not a time to plan on sharing the Lord. After Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning, after we celebrated his resurrection and ate our Easter dinner, that was the signal to begin Spring and Summer. And we all know that means time for fun, for vacation and later for church, later for Jesus.  After all, didn’t the disciples of Jesus go back to fishing? We fail to remember that the fishing that the disciples went back to was not to be the same as before. They would become fishers of people. That is, they would be leading people to Christ and to the Good News of the kingdom of God. This kind of fishing was not easy. This was a task where the skills were learned as they shared the life, teachings, and love of Jesus. The more they shared, the better they became, just like in fishing, just like in golf.

So, as we put our mindset on Spring and Summer, let us not forget Jesus who died and rose for us. Let’s get good at sharing Him no matter what our summer activity may be.